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01 Apr

4 Ways to Use Screen Recording

Screen recording is a powerful tool. Explaining things can be difficult when you aren’t in front of the person. Sharing your screen lets you easily show someone exactly what you are talking about. Screen recordings are a highly effective way to communicate and share information. Here are 4 ideas on how to get the best use of a screen recording feature.

05 Apr

Make Your Next Email Stand Out With Video

Email campaigning is an integral part of most marketing strategies. You can pack a lot of information into an email campaign, as well as reach many people all at once, making email a powerful tool for getting your message to a large, but targeted, audience.

16 Jan

Never Suffer from Cold Calling Again Ever

Email marketing have proven to be among the strongest ways to grow and expand your business. Make sure you choose a platform like Cheers Video Mail that allows contact segmentation and tagging, can create video mails instead of the boring traditional emails, has the ability to automate emails with ease, and a detailed analytics solution.

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