Never Suffer from Cold Calling Again Ever

What is Cold Calling?

Calling someone and trying to sell to them without any interest or without any initial step taken to decide on whether or not they are a marketing lead is referred to as a cold call.

Turn your Cold Call into Hot Leads Using these Email Marketing Strategies!

Whether it is being hung up on, yelled at, or completely ignored, it is hard to keep a positive attitude when cold calling. As business owners, obviously the desire is to grow your business and increase your sales.

Cold calling used to be first resort but proved to be more and more frustrating and leading down! Though there are some tips for increasing the success of a cold call such as asking open-ended questions and sticking to a script, in most cases, the rate of success is quite low. 

Luckily, some email marketing strategies have proven to be among the strongest ways to grow and expand your business. Finding the right email marketing platform and building a healthy email list can help set your marketing goals.

The Power of Email Marketing

The power of email marketing is stronger in comparison to other methods. While cold calling and social media marketing have their benefits, the rate of success for email marketing is significantly higher. Not only do 72% of consumers prefer email marketing, but it also instantly attracts consumers to your site, allows for more personalization, and it’s convenient. In fact, according to the campaign monitor, “marketers are 6x more likely to get someone to click through to their websites from an email than from a tweet.”

Email marketing allows you to skip past the frustration of cold calling and never suffer that agony again! Through leads, marketers are able to distinguish the best form of action for that given consumer based on how they react to your email. The term marketing lead, being quite literal to its definition, refers to a person or organization being interested in the product or service you are trying to sell. Essentially, if someone is interested, we have a lead on the sale and eventually, can turn that consumer into a future client. In addition, leads are labeled into 3 levels, cold, warm and hot leads.  

  • Cold Leads refers to those who have had limited engagement with your product/service. They have not shown interest in your business. 
  • Warm Leads are those who have some knowledge of your product/service. They have shown some interest through website clicks or following your social media. These people may be more interested in the future.
  • Hot Leads are more likely to buy from you and are considered to have good knowledge of you and your product/service. They are interested and ready to purchase from you, all you have to do is dial their number. 

Consumers who open an email might be intrigued by its title. If they click on any links, their interests are getting warmer, if they also watch the video in your mail, they are definitely looking for something and like what they have seen so far! 

The more action they do in your email the HOTTER they are getting!

The question is, how do you extract those leads from a simple email you have sent them?

Build a Healthy Email Marketing List

The first step in email marketing is obviously to get a list of emails to reach out to. Creating email marketing lists of email addresses that are active is the best ways to keep your company clean and your email list healthy. By healthy we mean keeping your list full of people who are engaging with you and not wasting your time. 

Find the Best Email Marketing and Mailing Platform

Now, choosing a platform to provide you with the best information can hinder or help your email marketing campaign. Don’t end up spending more money on a platform that does less. Make sure you choose a platform that allows contact segmentation and tagging, can create video mails instead of the boring traditional emails, has the ability to automate emails with ease, and a detailed analytics solution.

Set up Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Remember just like any other campaign, content is king, especially in emails. Adding imagery, intriguing titles, and video is what will make your emails and your brand stand out against the rest; hence having successful email marketing campaigns. Call to action buttons are essential to make it easier to increase engagement and create more awareness around a product or service. Convenience along with great content will keep your client happy and interested in what you have to offer. 

Analytics is Key

Now that you have a healthy email marketing list and great content for your consumer to engage with, you are ready to start your campaign. Use analytics to filter your leads by reading through the video play and click-through rate, email open rate, conversion rate, website clicks and more. In addition, analytics helps you discover and interpret patterns in data. For example, the open rates of emails at certain times of the day will help you time your automated emails for optimal success.  

Cheers Video Mail provides a huge array of detailed analytics that is second to none. It does not only track results depending on the lead level but also allows you to extract those specific contacts so you can retarget them whether in possibly another campaign or direct calls. With this information, you are already one step ahead and can plan out your moves for optimal success in sales.

Start your Conversation Where your Email left it!

Now you know when to call or email back, start your conversation where your email left it. Reach out to those who have shown interest in multiple emails, viewed your website, clicked on your videos, and continuously engage with your campaigns. Pick up the phone and reach out to those hot leads, engage in open-ended questions, and make the conversation personal to them and what they have shown interest in. 

All in all, the secret to a successful business is strategic marketing. Don’t waste your time with cold calls and analyze your leads with email analytics and an eye-catching marketing campaign. 

How great is that, with the help of trusted platforms, you’re able to work smarter, not harder, engage with your consumers, generate leads, and fuel your business's success.

Cheers Video Mail encompasses everything you need to be everywhere for everyone, on one simple to use platform! Easily personalize videos, allow people to see you and your product. Get automation, without all the added education! Cheers have campaign options, library organization, contact list segmentation and more, streamlined into a simple to use automation process, saving you time and money. Don’t forget, analytics so accurate your leads will literally list themselves.

Don’t end up spending more money on a platform that does less. Sign in Today and let Cheers Video Mail be part of your success.