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Welcome to Cheers Video Mail Academy

Cheers Video Mail Academy is dedicated to teaching you about all the features of Cheers Video Mail. The following modules contain detailed videos about these features. We periodically add new updates to Cheers Video Mail to enhance your user experience. Please check back every month to see if we have included any new features or training videos. Let's Begin!

Introduction To Cheers Video Main Training



Module 1:  Contacts

How to Create and Work with Contacts

  • Introduction to the address book
    • How to create contacts
    • Demo on how to import contacts (do an exercise)
  • Introduction to Groups and their importance
    • Demonstration on how to add contacts to groups
    • Use of interests and tags 
  • Introduction to reminders feature

Module 2: Snippets

How to Create and Use Snippets

  • Introduction to snippets and their importance
    • How to create and use them

Module 3: Libraries

Understanding Libraries and What They Contain

  • Introduction to different types of libraries 
    • What's included in the libraries
  • Documents Library and Images Library
    • What you can add here
    • Why to add content in them 
    • How to add/Edit your content

Module 4: Videos Library

Recording your Screen and Creating your Personalized Videos

  • Screen Recording 
    • What is screen recording and how/why you would use it 
    • Explanation about the different ways to record the screen
    • Demonstration of the screen recording feature
  • Personalized Video Recording
    • Why and how you would use it 
    • Demonstration on how to access the mini-studio to start recording
    • Explanation about the video formats 
    • Demonstration on how to record a personalized video

Module 5: Templates

Understanding Templates and How to use them in your Messages

  • Introduction to templates and how to use them in the messages
  • Explanation about the different template types and single/multiple video templates

Module 6: Messages

How to use Cheers Video Mail Message Editor and it's Functionalities

  • Introduction to messages and their importance in Cheers Video Mail
  • Demonstration of including different features into the message
  • Introduction to custom tags and how to use them
  • Explanation about scheduling messages
  • Introduction to message privacy, tracking, and statistics

Module 7: Referral Program

How to apply to become a referral partner and How to use your Referral ID

  • Demonstration of how to become a referral partner
  • Demonstration of how to use your referral ID and target URL

Module 7: Account Details

How to Manage your Account Details 

  • Introduction to account details
  • Understanding your user profile and user settings
  • Explanation about the current account details
  • Introduction to account users and it's management 
  • Introduction the verified emails and how to use this feature 
  • How to set up account preferences 

Module 8: Automation

How to Automate your Campaign 

  • Introduction to  Message Automation 
  • How to create your Campaign Messages 
  • How to create your Campaign and add messages to it 
  • How to create your distribution list and add contacts to it
  • How to connect the distribution list to the campaigns