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18 Dec

Send a Personalized Christmas Video Card

Let that special someone know that you’ve been thinking about them this Christmas. We hope that you’ve already sent out your greeting cards but if you haven’t, then why not try something new this year. Send your greeting cards in the form of a personalized video message!

16 Dec

Your Email Campaign is Missing Something

Don’t let text-based email messages dull your sparkle. Video emails that play directly in the inbox are hot and happening right now! Personalized video messages are a great way to stay in touch. You can use video messages to say hello, wish someone on their birthday, and even welcome a new client on board.

12 Dec

Your greeting cards can still make it on time!

Are you stressing about your greeting cards making it on time? Fret not from the postal strike! Deliver personalized greeting video cards with Cheers Video Mail. The holidays are just around the corner and with the recent postal strike, your greeting cards might not make it in time. Fret not! Cheers Video Mail is here to save the holidays!

04 Dec

Respond, Don't Auto-Respond

The personal interactions we once had have been taken away by robotic communications. Long and short emails have replaced our face and voice and we simply do not know anymore what or who is on the other side of our email communications.

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