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Reinvent your Coaching and Consulting Business to Thrive Remotely During Social Isolation with Video Email Technologies at No Cost From Cheers

Whether you are a physical educator/tutor or a health consultant, you’re not different from any other coaching and consulting service providers, you’ve all reached the path of helping your clients remotely; Cheers Video Mail is extending a helping hand at No Cost to you.

A new trend is becoming the new norm!

Let’s face it, while many things have changed due to the pandemic, remote communication and online coaching, training, and consulting are becoming the new norm that will stay even after the physical distancing period ends.

Simply put, with every challenge, a new opportunity and solution presents itself. At this time, take the opportunity to shift your business online to maintain the one-on-one coach/client relationship with your existing and potential customers.
Most businesses, particularly physical educators are already using social media live streaming and private workout activities which customers find highly beneficial for working out from home.
But is this enough to stay in touch with customers and maintain business continuity?

An innovative way of coaching: become a fitness instructor online



Human connection is the main asset in coaching practice. Keeping relationships in a digital world with physical distancing is challenging. Consider the positive impact of creating personalized videos that are delivered directly into your customers’ inbox; showing the needed care and one-to-one help. Stay in-touch with your clients and expand your business remotely by including private and specialized training or coaching sessions in your video emails. Get yourself ahead of the game.

Cheers Video Mail combines both emails and videos to deliver video email communication like no other; best part, that it’s FREE.

Here are some steps that can guide you to use Cheers Video Mail as fast and efficient to grow your online business.

1.  Brand yourself for success: branding your videos and emails are essential

You can attach your brand’s identity to your emails by creating branded templates. Create personalized templates with your brand’s logo and colours to make them match your business image. Cheers team can help get your templates ready.



2. Organize your contacts per groups or per interest

Organize all your contacts in one place; with cheers video mail you can group clients, such as based on their workout levels, medical conditions etc.
You can also make use of the custom areas of interest tags; this helps when your contacts share common interests. For instance, if you want to send a ‘cardiovascular exercise” to a client, but know that other clients might benefit from the same; you can add a relevant tag in the email message and consequently all tag members will be able to view it.



3. Go the extra mile: Let Your Clients Know you care!

Send your clients an introductory video about you and your business; it is a great way to inform and introduce your style and session. Let them know what they should expect, materials they might be need and some encouragement. Sending video emails is the easiest part with Cheers Video Mail, just hit the record button and start having some fun – watch my video below to learn how easy it is to use the mini studio and check “Start Here” upon sign-up to learn more.



4. How to produce a good video for a successful digital coaching session?

Be prepared, enjoy your time and Follow these steps for a successful path (watch my video below for illustration):
  • Prepare the list of exercises and keep it close to you while recording

  • Make sure all the tools needed available beside you

  • Make sure the lighting in the room where you’re recording is good with enough space to move freely 

  • Make sure that you place your laptop or phone in an appropriate position that shows the complete workout movements. (for example, if it’s an upper body workout make sure that no matter how you extend your arms they don’t get out of the frame)When you video email your clients you can also add some links, references or images you see useful. If some of your clients need advice on eating habits or any other consultation, you can attach the information in your video email as well.

Always preview your recording and repeat until satisfied then save it to your library – Store all your important images, documents and videos in our safe and secured libraries for ease of accessibility and use; link or attach them to your video emails to track and analyze for outstanding results



5. Get more time on your side: Plan and Schedule – watch below video for elaboration.

As your clientele grows, you need a better way to plan and organize your time and videos. Cheers Video Mail tackles your challenges and makes it easy to handle with libraries, storage, and the message scheduling option – in addition to the automation feature. In order to work smarter not harder, here are some valuable steps :
  • Plan and pre-record all yours videos once a week or even biweekly

  • Store all your videos in your Cheers libraries. 

  • Schedule your video emails ahead by choosing a specific date and time – don’t forget your special birthday wishes to your clients!

  • Grow your video library and re-use saved videos in messages or campaigns for new clients.



6. Keep your conversation going! Market yourself like a pro with Automation

As your video library grows, you can automate a sequence of video email messages to automatically engage in a campaign for new candidates without the need to manually repeat the work yourself.
Automation can help you schedule:
New clients Email follow-ups
Monthly newsletters
Latest news and announcements
Birthday reminders and more!

Automation can take you a lot of places. The sky is the limit, and as you explore more, you unlock a world of magic and fun. For any help with automation, feel free to connect with Cheers Video Mail team, we are always here to help


7. Who said with online coaching you can't track cheaters?

Cheers Video Mail gives you insights on who actually watches your videos, viewed your attached documents, images and clicked on the embedded links in your email. These analytics allow you to track your active clients vs those who are having some difficulties following your plan.
Show care and support by tracking your client's results, and keeping a close follow-up strategy for a healthy and strong relationship.



If you are starting your online coaching business, you can't go wrong by sticking to the steps mentioned above. It's time to work smarter, not harder to engage with your clients and fuel your business's success.

Practice Physical distancing yet stay socially engaged!