Overcome today’s challenges facing the mortgage industry using emerging technologies especially real-time and off- time video capturing, sharing, and emailing!

As competition rises in the mortgage industry, it can be challenging to stand out in the crowd and to attract new clients. Therefore, a unique selling proposition is integral to let customers know what sets you apart from the others.

Mortgage Industry News

Genuine communication and keeping in touch with clients is core to the mortgage industry; which can be hard to maintain especially during the corona pandemic. Everyday in the mortgage industry news, you hear about mortgage professionals  embracing emerging technologies to differentiate themselves in such competitive business.

Watch the below video about how Paul Mangion, President and Principal Broker at Mortgage One Solutions; uses Cheers Video Mail for video communication and video email services to overcome challenges faced in the mortgage industry to augment his business.

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Videos are the future of communication. Appeal to your customers and especially to the younger demographics using the same technology they use. Mortgage professionals should take advantage of today’s technology to reach out to their potential new market.

How to Send Large Video Files Through Email?

Cheers Video Mail is the answer to this problem. You can send large video files through email by simply adding your videos in your message; NO video attachment is required.

M.O.S. Mortgage One Solutions LTD. agents have reaped great benefits by incorporating video into their communication and noticed up to 50% more conversion rate since they started using CVM.

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