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Software Engineers Can Connect Better with their Team By Taking Their Interaction Up a Notch Using Cheers!

Fill your communication gap using video emails and screen recordings to explain and review techniques in software engineering. 

For software engineers, mostly all projects require working in a team and collaborating with others. Therefore, proper communication is an integral element for work optimization. Put your ideas, views, knowledge, and concerns in a video to communicate adequately with your team. Live meetings or email might not be ideal as most people are visual and auditory learners. People might have to see and hear something a couple of times to grasp a concept. This is where you need Cheers Video Mail to fill that communication gap and put you face-to face during your interactions.



Below are some videos to show you how software engineers can use Cheers Video Mail; in design discussions, code review, software architecture, debugging.

User Interface Design: Visual Walkthrough in Review Process

Optimize your User Interface Design using CVM by providing a visual walkthrough for the designers to discuss the layout in detail.

The video below shows a screen recording that was made to appreciate the user interface design after it was created and further talks about the changes that were requested by the customer.



As you can see, you can discuss the deepest details and requirements very easily and quickly through Cheer’s screen recorder.

How to Do Effective Code Review: Bring a Fresh Set of Eyes

In any project, it is easy to get stuck on a problem or overlook some requirements, certain scenarios and unexpected code behaviour. So, any engineer would appreciate input on their code or design from a fresh pair of eyes. Explain and review code snippets right as certain tasks are being completed using screen recording.

In the following video, you can see that even though the logic is implemented nicely, some cases and possible errors were missed.



Knowledge sharing will help you build better logic, design and algorithms. Using Cheers' screen recording feature, make code reviews easy to perform and share

User Acceptance Testing: Capture Actions and Results

User testing is one of the most important steps to ensure that software meets the users’ needs.

In User Testing, users are required to test out the features and the engineers need to see how the users perform those tests. In both cases, videos and screen recordings can be used to capture the actions and results. This is how CVM can help you.

Use CVM Screen Recording and Video recording feature to:

  • Record the testing process 
  • Explain what tasks you would like the tester to perform and what features to test
  • Report bugs by creating a video to show how they happened and reproduce them
  • Watch and listen to how the user interacts with your product


In this video you can see how screen recording and audio is used to capture a flaw in the business rules of the application.

Architectural Design: Avoid Walls of text

To explain an architectural design, you would need to be in a live meeting or write a wall of text. Sometimes these both cases can be inconvenient and time consuming, so the best way to explain a system design is through a video screen recording.

In the video below, you can see how a senior architect used screen recording to answer questions by depicting an architectural design. Using screen recording, the engineer is clearly able to clarify the question which otherwise would have been very challenging to do.



Efficient Interaction and Better Communication with Video and Screen Recording!